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The MCA program at RIT, aims to provide a sound theoretical background and good practical exposure to students. The curriculum includes various aspect of algorithm design, computational theory, programming and optimization, network and database management, electronics mathematics, probability, mobile technologies, accounting, statistics and finance
The top level IT companies and consultancy firms like TCS,WIPRO, IBM, Oracle etc offers great job opportunities to a candidate with an MCA degree. In this era of computers, the candidates also find various opportunities in large corporations having an in-house system department. They can approach IT companies as system developers and for various other roles.
Though there is so much hype about the IT industry and its employment potential, one should remember that the best jobs are still being bagged by engineers. The others who get lucrative openings are those with MCA-Master of Computer Applications.MCA is good option regardless of what has done graduation

It is all about understanding the nuances of business dynamics. An MBA is about learning to work with people, because it is the people who run businesses.
Upon completion, an MBA leads to responsible position in business, taking critical managerial decisions that leads to the growth of any top-notch oorganization.MBA programs are run throughout the world, because their relevance is across industries, business sectors and economies. And what`s more, this exciting profile come with an even more exciting pay packet.
An MBA provides the modern manager with tools and skills needed to identify new opportunities for organizational success.MBA program is designed to make one aware of different approaches that have traditionally helped in managing organizations. But then, what`s life without challenges? if you feel that you are made for tackling life head-on, and are excited about your work being meaningful, what are you waiting for? An MBA is a great first step towards your dream destination.
RIT proudly pronounces the starting of MBA program in this academic year. All the mandatory and other technical requirements are acquired. The RIT MBA program prepares the on-the-go generation to became qualified managers and able administrators. Student of this program are taught to pick up dexterity to meet the industry needs, while developing their personality and character in the process. They enter the world with a confidence that is not only taught but also experienced.

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